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Sebastian Hirsch Loves The Anglerfish

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Sebastian Hirsch has had a unique fascination with the creatures of the deep for many years, half of his life in fact. Hirsch has taken more appreciation to the unique deep sea anglerfish for the past 5 years because of it’s wicked look and way it “hunts” for food, but would not suggest any butler to serve this fish as a meal. The anglerfish, according to Sebastian Hirsch, has a right to be grumpy and aggressive because it is perhaps the ugliest creature in the world and think of where it lives. If you had to live in pure darkness and lonesomeness, which is where the fish can be found, you’d surely be grumpy too.

Sebastian Hirsch says there must be well over 200 species of anglerfish, but the majority of these live far too deep to be found in the Antarctic oceans at this time. One of the most fascinating things Sebastian Hirsch loves about the gloomy Angler fish is the appearance of these creature. Their mouths are full of jagged teeth which are actually transparent. The light on their heads is a baiting tool used to lure victims to their doom.