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In Review: A Detailed Analysis of Investors Underground

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For the purpose of this Investors Underground review, I purchased a month-long subscription (“IU Elite”) at a cost of $297. This day trading community offers other options that are more cost-effective (for example, the same “IU Elite” package is reduced to a price of $158 per month when purchased annually), but my intent was merely to gain some insight into the operations of Investors Underground in order to provide a fair analysis of the programs and services offered to day traders who invest in a subscription.

This review will analyze the benefits touted by Investors Underground as creating a significant edge in day trading, including each of the following components:

• Support available to subscribers through access to team members and moderators

• Educational courses, video lessons and other informational resources

• Daily watch lists and associated investment strategies

• Day trading chat rooms


Investors Underground’s Youtube page

As an experienced trader who has utilized a number of different approaches (trading equities, swing trading, shorting extended charts and parabolic moves, penny stocks, etc.), I believe that I can provide a fair and accurate assessment of Investors Underground after a single-month subscription. However, I would caution less experienced traders against evaluating the services in this way without first undergoing some level of formal training or at least taking advantage of one of the educational courses the company offers. The learning curve can be steep without this kind of preparation, so newcomers should make a point to perform their due diligence with regard to educating themselves.

An Overview of the Services Provided to Subscription Holders

As I noted, I purchased the “IU Elite” package, which provided me with the following services during my month-long subscription:

• Bi-monthly webinars

• InvestorsLive scans

• Momentum Chat access

• OTC Chat access

• Swing Chat access

• Video lesson library access

• Weekly recap video lessons

The other option, “IU Standard,” is also available on a monthly or annual basis and includes each of the features listed above with the exception of the access to the video lesson library and the weekly recap video lessons.

If I were to continue my subscription I would likely choose the “IU Elite” option on an annual basis, especially since I found the video lessons and weekly recaps to be quite enlightening for a variety of reasons. There were a few occasions in which the information included in the weekly recaps proved to be quite valuable in the weeks that followed, and the lesson library covered a wide range of topics that were of interest to me.

Team Members, Moderators and the Support Available to Subscribers


Michele – Swing Chat Moderator


Nathan – Momentum Chat Moderator

I’m not sure of the exact number of members who subscribe to Investors Underground, but I believe it is in the thousands just by judging from the activity in the chat rooms each day. These chat rooms are moderated by team members from Investors Underground, and each team member seems to bring a unique area of expertise or trading style to the chat rooms. I was impressed with Nathan’s insights regarding inflection and exhaustion points, and I found myself digging through the blog archives after discussing swing trades with Michele. On the whole, I found the team members to be extremely knowledgeable and felt that the advice they provided was consistently effective in generating exceptional investment outcomes.

Educational Resources on Day Trading

For those looking for more detailed and in-depth information, the educational courses are certainly the way to go.

Investors Underground offers a variety of educational resources, some of which are freely available to anyone who wishes to read them at any time. There are also free video lessons that can be accessed through the Investors Underground website, and these lessons represent an excellent way to gain some insight into the strategies used in day trading through this community.

For those looking for more detailed and in-depth information, the educational courses are certainly the way to go. As of this writing, Investors Underground offered two different courses at costs that have been dramatically reduced from the normal rate. “Textbook Trading” and “Tandem Trader” provide over 20 hours of practical information in total and can be purchased together for $1,097. While I cannot claim to have taken either course, I did discuss the contents of each one with several members who did, and every member expressed clear gratitude for having purchased the course.

Daily Watch Lists and Strategic Planning

I have never been an investor who is willing to simply apply someone’s advice based on nothing more than their reputation, so I was indeed impressed with the fact that the daily watch lists included a detailed explanation regarding the proposed strategy for that day. The watch lists therefore do more than simply identify the ideal stocks to trade each day, with members also benefiting from understanding the rationale behind each selection along with the reason why a particular strategy ought to be profitable on the day in question.

Day Trading Chat Rooms

In addition to the watch lists provided to subscribers, Investors Underground also offers access to day trading chat rooms in which members are able to communicate with each other in real time while also having access to the expertise of the moderators. During my month-long subscription, I never once saw any irrelevant chatter and had all of my private messages to moderators addressed in a very timely fashion.

With real-time alerts and continually updating charts, I felt that I was armed with all of the information necessary to enjoy a successful day of trading. I also noticed that members and moderators were always willing to help less experienced members achieve success, and I observed quite a few interactions in which a more experienced member or moderator acted as a mentor to a newer member.

In Summation: A Final Overview of Investors Underground

I feel entirely comfortable recommending a subscription to anyone interested in day trading.

While I only had a month’s worth of experience with Investors Underground, I was impressed with the services to such a degree that I feel entirely comfortable recommending a subscription to anyone interested in day trading. As an experienced trader, I certainly benefited from subscribing with Investors Underground and could easily see that the day trading community was incredibly welcoming and helpful to new traders as well.