A School Of Fish Is Like A Business

Fish with their rather small brains can prove to be intelligent creatures by observing the way they work in harmony together. Have you ever seen a school of fish? Having the chance to witness a group of hundreds or thousands of fish swimming together to form a single unit is fascinating, but observing why they do it is even more surprising.

It’s been studied and concluded that fish form schools for multiple reasons with one reason is protection from predators. Fish seem to have grasped the concept of “safety in numbers” and how it can be beneficial for young fish and smaller species. This technique can confuse predators and make it difficult to target and prey upon a single fish.  Not only that, but small fish in a dense school would intimidate a predator by appearing as a single, much larger creature.

Along with safety, schooling has other benefits for fish in making it easier for fish to find food. Multiple fish looking around for food at the same time – one of them is bound to find something. By working as a team, a school may be able to take on larger prey than any one fish could manage alone.

By this observation, we can learn a lot from fish in how we build strong relationships, organizations and businesses. In Luigi Wewege’s interview on Inspirery.com, he talks about his international business and his success with the strategy of having his own (schools of fish) groups around the world in various locations. Together, they make one strong organization.


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