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Drawing on many years of varied experience in the field of investment management and financial planning, Kimra Bettasso decided to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor of her own by founding RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit. The company operates in a number of different capacities, but its overarching philosophy relates to assisting clients in achieving the kind of future financial independence that can be achieved through shrewd investment strategies that take into account both short- and long-term goals.

Kim Bettasso, in serving as the founder of the company and financial advisor, has committed to providing clients with personalized investment strategies that strive to achieve specific outcomes based on the individual needs of the client. Through RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit, Ms. Bettasso also provides a variety of other services, including consultation and education. With regard to the former, Ms. Bettasso and her team at RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit are able to work with companies that offer 401k plans or other forms of investment to provide insight on how to best apply those offerings so that the most optimal return is achieved.

A firm believer in providing access to education, Ms. Bettasso has also created a company YouTube channel in which clients are able to access a wealth of information on many pertinent topics relating specifically to investment management. These educational modules have become quite popular among clients, as Ms. Bettasso set out to present complex information in a manner that is easily understood and therefore easily applied.

Many industry observers have been impressed with the efforts of Ms. Bettasso, and just as many have expressed belief that her company is poised for long-term success and continued growth. While Ms. Bettasso has acknowledged that continued growth and expansion is a goal of RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit, she has also maintained that her focus and the focus of the company will always remain on providing clients with the best investment advice possible. This is the principle upon which Ms. Bettasso’s company was founded, and RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit has enjoyed much of its immediate success due to its reputation for delivering individualized strategies that help to ensure the financial security of its clients.

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