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On Establishing an Unbroken Food Chain Within Saltwater Reef Aquariums

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downloadEven the most experienced of aquarists are not immune to the difficulty of establishing a balance within a saltwater reef tank in a manner in which all tank members are able to absolutely thrive while nuisance algae is simultaneously kept at bay. Though it seems to be a vexing and complicated issue, the fact of the matter is that it is easily addressed with relatively minimal effort. Dr. Sid Solomon has compared this issue to one he experiences often in dentistry when patients have gaps in the dental care they receive that ultimately lead to more problematic issues developing in the future.

In fact, all that is necessary is to use a fairly standard ratio based on the number of gallons within the tank to determine the appropriate balance of tank inhabitants while ensuring diversity in terms of the size and activity levels of the inhabitants. Doing this makes it possible for the enclosed ecosystem within the tank to function in an optimal fashion since each inhabitant has its role to play and prevents waste from lingering in the tank and contributing to difficult and frustrating issues like widespread algae growth.

For saltwater tank enthusiasts, this means that there must be a focus on developing a food chain from top to bottom. It also means that aquarists have to adopt a broader focus when selecting new additions to their tank by considering how any addition will affect the current composition of the existing food chain.

Investors Underground: Observing Filter-Feeder Fish Inspires New Conical Filter Design

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goldfish-537832_960_720The sheer enormity of inventions that have been clearly inspired by nature tends to demonstrate that there is a great deal to be learned from a deep commitment to observation and application. With the invention of a new conical filter based on the mouth of a paddlefish, a filter-feeder fish, there is yet another example of how a serious approach to education, observation and application can yield tremendous benefits.

As Investors Underground would likely point out, aspiring inventors are not the only ones who should make such a continuing commitment to education, observation and application, as many members of the day trading community established by the company have achieved exceptional results in investing by following a similar approach.

Of course, it’s important to clarify that these day traders are not applying marine observations to an investment strategy. Through educational programs set up by Investors Underground and a forum in which members are able to observe fellow day traders at work in real time, an improved day trading approach can be developed in relatively short order and then be applied to a greater degree of success.


1 Stop Maintenance Reviews Aquarium Depot

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good trip to a large aquarium to see the underwater marine life through the glass? These giant underwater exhibits are what encourage most people to begin their own aquarium projects at home and Aquarium Depot has always been the answer to providing quality fish food and healthy fish that are fit for your home aquarium.

Due to the recent amount of reviews seen about Aquarium Depot, 1 Stop Maintenance, the news and review group, has spoken up about their own experience with Aquarium Depot and their review report is nothing short of pure accuracy. According to 1 Stop Maintenance, the merchant possesses a plethora of colorful, tropical fish and other underwater life to complete your salt or freshwater aquariums. Everything your can think of including but not limited to fish, fish food, medication aquariums and aquarium models, such as rocks, plants and ships to give the aquarium a more attractive theme appearance.

1 Stop Maintenance has also helped improve business for Aquarium Depot through their accurate and highly referenced reviews. “It’s an honor to be reviewed by 1 Stop Maintenance,” said Aquarium Depot spokesperson. “1 Stop Maintenance has a high reputation for delivering accurate, unbiased reviews to the public. A great deal of people look to 1 Stop Maintenance for advice before they bother spending their money.”

The news and review group, along with being what some may call “a handful of tough critics”, are also willing to give constructive criticism to help businesses do better because the folks at 1 Stop Maintenance want to see success. It’s true, no one wants to give their business to a business that is going under the water (pun intended) and the good news for Aquarium Depot that they will not be needing that little bit of extra assistance!

Murziline Parchment Reflects on Importance of Tank Composition

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Fish tank enthusiasts should have taken note of the highly focused organizational strategies necessary to create an efficiently functioning marine environment long before attempting to create a home for marine life. Since many high-ranking executives are quite fond of keeping tanks in their home and their office, it is fairly common to hear tank enthusiasts cite some of the organizational strategies used by Fortune 500 companies when discussing the best ways to compose an aquarium from the ground up. Though it may seem like a strange comparison, there are indeed a number of helpful similarities that marine life enthusiasts have been able to apply to their tanks with great success.

When the comparison was brought up to Murziline Parchment, the initial reaction was one of surprise. Upon considering some of the similarities and the lessons that could potentially be drawn from those similarities, she agreed that there are indeed many organizational and compositional aspects that could prove particularly instructive in a manner that significantly benefits both new and experienced fish tank enthusiasts. From the importance of maintaining the ideal marine environment to the countless considerations that go into the careful selection of the fish that will ultimately inhabit that environment, tank enthusiasts may already be unknowingly engaging in practices that are quite similar to those favored by the most successful corporate professionals.

According to Murziline Parchment, any successful tank enthusiast must have a clear understanding of the roles played by each individual tank inhabitant. There are countless issues that can arise when a tank is composed of incompatible marine life, which is highly problematic for an incredibly wide range of reasons. Given that poorly thought-out choices can create dangerous circumstances for tank inhabitants, it is particularly important for tank composition to always be a primary consideration.

Like executives in charge of human resources in the corporate world, fish tank enthusiasts also must understand that the marine life they select has to be capable of performing varied tasks within the tank while also easily cohabiting with the other tank members. Obviously, a business has a more complex level of responsibility with regard to training employees and clearly defining expectations, but it is still the case that business executives, like tank enthusiasts, must thoughtfully consider chemistry when evaluating potential employees to become a part of their corporate culture. When a tank enthusiast is attentive to the tank’s composition in terms of the potential interactions among its many marine inhabitants, the amount of time needed for routine maintenance can be greatly reduced.

Of course, fish tank enthusiasts should also be well aware of the importance of maintaining a consistent environment within the tank if the marine life is going to thrive for a long period of time. Even the most exotic tropical fish or the most durable saltwater crustacean will perish if a tank owner does not regulate the various environmental factors like the pH and water temperature, so there must be consistent vigilance in testing and maintaining the ideal environmental conditions if the members of the tank are going to be able to thrive over a long period of time.

Fish tank experts like Murziline Parchment understand the many complicated and varied factors that play a role in the success of any enclosed marine environment. With this understanding, the most successful tank owners pay close attention to these factors on a regular basis and take a variety of steps to ensure that these factors only result in positive circumstances for the tank and its inhabitants. It is in this way that a carefully cultivated marine environment featuring compatible tank inhabitants and consistently maintained conditions can lead to an impressive display worthy of being showcased in any home or office.

Reefs2Go Clean Up Crews Review

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Reefs2GoKeeping a coral reef tank clean is often quite a difficult task, as removing cloudy water from the tank may also remove some of the vital nutrients that many tank inhabitants need to thrive. Aquarists therefore spend a great deal of their time attempting to strike the ideal balance between the appearance of their tank and the continued health of the many members of the contained ecosystem, an accomplishment that is certainly no easy feat. Apparently is quite familiar with the many issues facing saltwater tank enthusiasts, as the online provider of just about everything related to reef tanks has an entire section of its site devoted to custom clean-up crews.

This is an ingenious idea from a company that clearly understands the needs of its customers. The concept of the clean-up crew is one that is common to aquarists, but the fact that has done its research in order to put together crews that serve a variety of specific purposes makes the cleaning process that much easier. The customized clean-up crews vary in type and in number, as they are all grouped together in order to ideally perform a specific function within the tank.

Aquarists who find their nitrate levels rising can achieve reduction through the use of a clean-up crew that includes copepods, amphipods, caulerpa and chaeto, all of which work in concert to lower the nitrate levels in a saltwater tank in a natural manner. The clean-up crew immediately goes to work upon arrival and nitrates return to levels that are safe for the tank’s varied inhabitants, with the crew seamlessly fitting in with the original members of the tank.

The efforts of the clean-up crews offered by are not limited to nitrate reduction, as there are many other functions that these unique crews are able to serve. The company has also put together a clean-up crew for the specific purpose of eating any of the algae that may be growing within the tank. This crew is populated by a variety of snails that typically function best in tanks that are in excess of 50 gallons. Over 100 snails in total are included, with half of them being Nassarius snails and the remainder being made up of Cerith snails (both large and small), Turbo snails, Astrea snails and Nerite snails. These snails work together to control the development of any nuisance algae while safely inhabiting the reef tank in which they have been introduced.

In addition to crews that specifically address nitrate levels and algae development, has also put together crews that are uniquely suited for the many different types of tank environments that aquarists keep in their homes. Whether these are small saltwater tanks or large Caribbean saltwater tanks, the company has assembled clean-up crews that address the cleaning needs of each tank in the most ideal way possible. These particular crews include various types of hermit crab, snails and starfish, and are assembled to achieve the practical cleaning goals while also contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the tank through the crew’s diversity.

As always, can be counted on to provide outstanding customer service that includes some of the most impressive shipping practices in the industry. The company exercises a great deal of caution in shipping so that customers can feel confident that their cleaning crew is very likely to arrive alive and well, making it possible for tank enthusiasts to allow every member of the crew to get right to work. The company has stated time and again that it strives to provide the best level of care to all of its “Wet Pets,? and the amount of time and care that is put into each shipment is certainly emblematic of this particular statement.

With regard to cost, the cleaning crews available through represent some of the best values in the industry. Given that the crews are already assembled for a specific function, it is quite surprising that each crew’s cost was so low in spite of this additional service provided by the company. Perhaps it should not be all that surprising, however, as the company does have a longstanding reputation for offering exceptional prices and outstanding services to its customers.

Backyard Fish Ponds Are the Next Logical Step for Fish Tank Enthusiasts

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Another Montana gem, the Big Hole.

Another Montana gem, the Big Hole.

Fish tank enthusiasts simply cannot get enough of saltwater and freshwater tanks, but not nearly enough tank enthusiasts try their hand at managing a backyard fish pond. These ponds are every bit as enjoyable as a tank, and it is a great medium in which enthusiasts can use their creativity in a less traditional way. According to Luke Weil, there are more suitable options for the inhabitants of these ponds than many people realize, as a backyard pond can house more than just goldfish or koi.

Depending on the geographic area, these ponds can be stocked with rainbow trout, largemouth bass, catfish, bluegill and more. These types of fish are hardly ever found in traditional fish tanks, so a backyard pond can be useful in providing additional diversity for fish tank enthusiasts to enjoy. Of course, a backyard pond is also an enjoyable project that requires different care and maintenance than a traditional tank, but it is not so different that it is difficult in any way.

For fish tank enthusiasts looking for a new challenge that also beautifies their backyard, a pond stocked with fish is the way to go. New fish can be stocked in the pond and there are plenty of landscaping options to enhance the look of a pond of any size. Just like a tank, a pond will require a pump to keep the water circulating, so placement will be somewhat dependent on the location of a power source to operate the pump.

Fishy Business

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untitled (202) untitled (201)The typical pet store will have gold fish for sale.  Gold fish are the most common fish for aquariums as they are hearty and can live in most environments.  As they are easy to keep alive most people begin their fish experience with them.  How many gold fish get flushed down the toilet every day?  I would have to guess it would be hundreds.  How many have you flushed in your life.  What does that men about the fish?  Are their lives so worthless that we flush them away when they perish?  I guess so. is a look at the wasted lives of the humble gold fish.

Something Fishy

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untitled (11) untitled (10) imagesXFXB3PD7I woke up this morning to a stench coming from my room mates room.  Upon investigation I discovered a filthy fish tank full of dead or dieing fish.  I imediately dispatchd the dead and dieing fish to the toilet and dump the entire tank in the dumpster.  I cant wait to see if my room mate even notices the tank missing.  He obiviously doesnt care about the poor creatures or he would have tended to their needs more.  We do have a no pet rule so I feel I am within my rights.  This is so typical of pet owners that cant even take care of themselves.  Tonye Cole can speak on my behalf.

Sick Fish

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untitled (2)Are your fish sick.  By the time you notice that your fish are not acting right it may be too late to save them.  Some fish problems are not preventable so it is best to do the things that we know helps.  Keeping the water clean is one of the most important things you can do for your fish.  This sounds simple but it isn’t.  Keeping the water clean with a filter is basic but what about the oxygen levels or the acidic levels?  You cant see these problems with the naked eye so how do you know when they need attention?  The best way is to change out the water frequently.  Fresh water is the answer to most water related problems.  Consolidated Credit can help you buy the right equipment.

Gold Fish Problems

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I was shopping at the store the other day and walked by the fish tanks I thought that it would be a good gift for my grandkids to take care of a fish.  Gold fish problems what .. How hard can it be to care for a fish to take care of. Gold fish are very hardy they do eat a lot if you feed them they will keep on eating.  The only way to keep a fish is clean the tank without soap remember because of the residue that is left on the tank.  Clean their bowl because the water is how they breathe and if the water gets to dirty there is less oxygen for the fish to live.  Water plants help with the bowl too. If you need a loan for that amazing aquarium see for you needs.