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Devoted Ichthyologist Michele Frazier Studies in Depth How Schools of Fish Communicate

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Michele Frazier studying schools of fishAs we study fish and the lifestyle fish have, we begin to understand more closely that fish work together in the same ways that people do. It’s truly fascinating to watch a school of fish defend from the attacks of a predator. When a school of fish spots a predator, the entire school, sometimes consisting of 500 or more fish, react simultaneously by either sticking closer together to appear as a larger animal or by changing up their swimming pattern and allowing their colors to confuse the threat.

Michele Frazier, an¬†ichthyologist who has been studying fish and their behavior, believes that fish could be something we could all learn from to strengthen our own communities in a world of chaos. “If you look at how a school of fish moves together you have to ask yourself, ‘how did they know to do that?’ Is it instinct? Is there communication between them? How would they communicate so quickly to so many other fish?” says Michele Frazier. “I believe learning this would open up many new methods and even technology to communicate with entire communities.”

Investors Underground: Observing Filter-Feeder Fish Inspires New Conical Filter Design

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goldfish-537832_960_720The sheer enormity of inventions that have been clearly inspired by nature tends to demonstrate that there is a great deal to be learned from a deep commitment to observation and application. With the invention of a new conical filter based on the mouth of a paddlefish, a filter-feeder fish, there is yet another example of how a serious approach to education, observation and application can yield tremendous benefits.

As Investors Underground would likely point out, aspiring inventors are not the only ones who should make such a continuing commitment to education, observation and application, as many members of the day trading community established by the company have achieved exceptional results in investing by following a similar approach.

Of course, it’s important to clarify that these day traders are not applying marine observations to an investment strategy. Through educational programs set up by Investors Underground and a forum in which members are able to observe fellow day traders at work in real time, an improved day trading approach can be developed in relatively short order and then be applied to a greater degree of success.


1 Stop Maintenance Reviews Aquarium Depot

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Who doesn’t enjoy¬†a good trip to a large aquarium to see the underwater marine life through the glass? These giant underwater exhibits are what encourage most people to begin their own aquarium projects at home and Aquarium Depot has always been the answer to providing quality fish food and healthy fish that are fit for your home aquarium.

Due to the recent amount of reviews seen about Aquarium Depot, 1 Stop Maintenance, the news and review group, has spoken up about their own experience with Aquarium Depot and their review report is nothing short of pure accuracy. According to 1 Stop Maintenance, the merchant possesses a plethora of colorful, tropical fish and other underwater life to complete your salt or freshwater aquariums. Everything your can think of including but not limited to fish, fish food, medication aquariums and aquarium models, such as rocks, plants and ships to give the aquarium a more attractive theme appearance.

1 Stop Maintenance has also helped improve business for Aquarium Depot through their accurate and highly referenced reviews. “It’s an honor to be reviewed by 1 Stop Maintenance,” said Aquarium Depot spokesperson. “1 Stop Maintenance has a high reputation for delivering accurate, unbiased reviews to the public. A great deal of people look to 1 Stop Maintenance for advice before they bother spending their money.”

The news and review group, along with being what some may call “a handful of tough critics”, are also willing to give constructive criticism to help businesses do better because the folks at 1 Stop Maintenance want to see success. It’s true, no one wants to give their business to a business that is going under the water (pun intended) and the good news for Aquarium Depot that they will not be needing that little bit of extra assistance!

Setting Up a Saltwater Fish Tank As a Strategy for Sparking an Interest in Learning

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Most of us are naturally curious about the world as it exists around us, yet it is too often the case that we seem afraid to appease that curiosity by asking questions of those who might know better than ourselves. Whether this is out of a fear of asking a question about some commonly known fact or out of embarrassment for having to defer to someone else’s intelligence, this is simply a silly thing to do and only stifles future learning opportunities. Questions should be asked often and without hesitation, as most people perceive questioning as a sign of intelligence rather than weakness. Those in a position to answer questions should consider how visual cues such as a saltwater tank can spark conversation and provoke questions.

Over time, it seems that we feel less and less comfortable with asking questions of others for our own edification. The best way to avoid this circumstance is to ensure that any question asked is received in a way that makes the questioner feel good about posing their query. To accomplish this, many parents and teachers have taken to utilizing visual cues that lead to natural questions, and a saltwater fish tank is regarded as an excellent way to encourage precocity in kids approaching school age or who have just begun their formal schooling.

Clearly there are other visual cues that can be used as well, as heating contractors in Phoenix may find it particularly effective to place cross-sections of model heating systems throughout the lobby of their offices so that clients feel more comfortable asking questions about the manner in which their systems function. For the purposes of stimulating an interest in marine biology, however, there are few better options than a saltwater tank. Parents and teachers who set up a saltwater tank will likely find that there will be countless questions asked of them on an incredibly broad range of relevant subjects, but the manner in which parents and teachers respond to these questions is absolutely critical for encouraging long-term academic curiosity.

Though this is very much open for debate, it appears that many people learn that too many questions can become something of an irritant. For kids, it is hard to understand that a parent or teacher’s frustrated reaction to a particular question is not the sole result of the question or the questioner, as there are likely to be countless exterior stressors that are affecting their reaction in that moment. Perhaps the teacher is concerned that any more questions will cause them to fall behind on the lesson plan, or maybe the parent just remembered that the electric bill is past due, so it was merely the timing of the question that caused the frustrated response.

From an adult perspective, this is understandable. From a child’s perspective, however, it may reinforce a belief that questions in general should only be asked when absolutely necessary and not when something has merely piqued their curiosity. It is therefore the case that any question posed should be treated with great care and is deserving of a thoughtful and informed response. Perhaps the best teaching moment is when a child asks a parent about the saltwater tank and finds that their parent does not know the answer. If the parent takes the time to show their child how to find the answer and does the research alongside their child, then the child will see the value of asking questions and will go on to develop a lifelong love of learning.

Of course, a saltwater fish tank is so much more than an educational tool. It is a source of entertainment and joy for all of those who share in the responsibility of caring for the tank, and there are many other reasons why setting up a saltwater tank in a home or school is an excellent idea. In terms of stimulating an interest in education and marine biology in particular, the saltwater tank can be a great way to start an interesting conversation that benefits everyone who happens to be involved.

Ralph Slaske Breaks Down Einstein’s Quote

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Fish come in many shapes and sizes with absolutely outstanding abilities. Take the tiger fish for example which has the ability to snatch birds straight out of the air! The black swallower fish is able to swallow live fish that are twice their own length with the help of their jaw mechanics and a unique designed stomach.

Ralph Slaske has been intrigued by these amazing creatures of the deep and has done research on their abilities and lifestyle patterns since 1994. “Einstein’s quote of ‘if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will think it’s stupid’ suddenly makes sense to me,” said fish wanderer Slaske. “The Mudskipper fish is the only fish that can climb trees. He was saying not to compare people to others.”

As for new findings, Mr. Slaske hasn’t discovered anything new about fish that we don’t already know, but the simple leisure activity of watching, studying and experimenting with different fish and their skills brings joy to curious enthusiast.

Sunbeam Monster Fish

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imagesGL105NF8 imagesHAZGCKJCThere is a monster fish in Sunbeam Lake.  When I paddle my kayak through the lake this huge fish jumps out of the water right next to me.  It must be an old carp but it sure acts like a monster.  I would guess it at two feet long and around twenty five pounds.  I am not a fisherman but this fish is interesting.  I thought there was something wrong with this fish at first but it seems to be making it just fine.  I have seen it float on the surface and wave its fin at me.  Luke Weil has seen the monster fish and believes.

Fishy Business

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untitled (202) untitled (201)The typical pet store will have gold fish for sale.  Gold fish are the most common fish for aquariums as they are hearty and can live in most environments.  As they are easy to keep alive most people begin their fish experience with them.  How many gold fish get flushed down the toilet every day?  I would have to guess it would be hundreds.  How many have you flushed in your life.  What does that men about the fish?  Are their lives so worthless that we flush them away when they perish?  I guess so. is a look at the wasted lives of the humble gold fish.

Something Fishy

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untitled (11) untitled (10) imagesXFXB3PD7I woke up this morning to a stench coming from my room mates room.  Upon investigation I discovered a filthy fish tank full of dead or dieing fish.  I imediately dispatchd the dead and dieing fish to the toilet and dump the entire tank in the dumpster.  I cant wait to see if my room mate even notices the tank missing.  He obiviously doesnt care about the poor creatures or he would have tended to their needs more.  We do have a no pet rule so I feel I am within my rights.  This is so typical of pet owners that cant even take care of themselves.  Tonye Cole can speak on my behalf.

Giant Fish

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untitled (17)I kayak in the lake near my home often and I have seen the biggest fish ever jump out next to me!¬† It was a bit scary but amazing at the same time.¬† I must have startled the fish as it jumped right out of the water and landed with a great splash.¬† I continued around the lake and here comes a turtle!¬† This was how I got hooked on kayaking.¬† You just don’t see these things from the bank.¬† I try to go a few times each week.¬† the exorcise is good ant the exploring is fun.¬† I would like to take the kayak with me but it is too large for the car rack.¬†Dana Sibilsky is a great lake person.

Sick Fish

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untitled (2)Are your fish sick.¬† By the time you notice that your fish are not acting right it may be too late to save them.¬† Some fish problems are not preventable so it is best to do the things that we know helps.¬† Keeping the water clean is one of the most important things you can do for your fish.¬† This sounds simple but it isn’t.¬† Keeping the water clean with a filter is basic but what about the oxygen levels or the acidic levels?¬† You cant see these problems with the naked eye so how do you know when they need attention?¬† The best way is to change out the water frequently.¬† Fresh water is the answer to most water related problems.¬† Consolidated Credit can help you buy the right equipment.