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Brian Speier Freeport on the Underlying Ocean Resource

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The beauty of the terrestrial land is just the top of the icing. Underneath the waters lies the whole cake. What we see on land is the same landscape found in the waters, only with way more glamour and beauty.

Coral reefs are an entire ecosystem on their own. They provide a home to most of the sea living creatures. First and foremost, corals are animals, ancient animals related to jellyfish and anemones. An individual coral is known as a polyp. Many polyps form a colony which is now the stone like structures we see in the waters. Corals reefs now comprise of thousands of marine species making them an entire ecosystem due to the many interrelationships in between and about the reefs. The most important relationship is the symbiotic relationship between algae and corals. Corals naturally are white, but with the life in them, they provide a home to algae that forms an outer coating of the corals. Algae come in all colours, creating the beautiful scenery we hear about, Brian Speier Freeport is a rich resource to consult on existence and formation of coral reefs.

Coral reefs are also a home to a third of the entire marine life, from the rays to the small sharks to the sea cucumbers to jellyfish to squids to starfish, even to clownfish, yes Nemo is part of the family, the entire combination makes a breathtaking scenery.

Apart from the scenic view that human beings enjoy reefs help in protecting and creating land by slowing down the waves and acting as a storm breaker. In addition to this, most aquatic life particularly Jellyfish and the Anemones find habitat in the reefs. Most of the edible fish species also find nursery habitat in the reefs where they are sure of survival despite storms and harsh climatic conditions. Reproduction of all the edible species would be far much expensive without the coral reefs. Various managed homes to coral reefs also allow snorkelling as a tourist attraction activity hence contribution to the economy.

On impact on the ecosystem, coral reefs at the very least match the terrestrial rainforest’s on the standard of importance to a variety of life in the earth. Human beings for instance immensely benefit from coral reefs on food. According to world statistics, over one billion people across boundaries of the earth depend on the reefs for food. Besides direct sourcing on the reefs, fish and numerous other sea animals survive because of the reef existence. Professionals in aquatic life like Brian Speier Freeport estimate the value of coral reefs on over $180 billion every year concerning human food.

The existence of Atoll islands today even after sinking of the volcanic islands due to waves can be attributed to coral reefs in their ability to reduce the effect of storms and tsunamis on the land. Moreover, the reefs have natural existing bacteria that if isolated, they can offer reliable treatment to various human diseases. The biodiversity nature of the reefs offers various options for medical research where not only medicine comes from it as a curative measure but the natural elements incorporated in human food can be preventive. The reefs offer one hundred percent guarantee for the survival of any creatures in the face of the earth, tapping the resources through collaboration with experts in aquatic life can be substantively lucrative.

However, reefs occurrence in shallow waters because of the need for sunlight expose them to various risks, for instance, human activities that destroy the inestimable precious resource. Human developments usually have an aftertaste to the natural environment. Recent efforts to increase shipping activities as a means of transport threatens the existence of coral reefs. This is gradually destroying the vital component in the ecosystem that only occurs in shallow waters. As a result, it is vital to create awareness and implement strategies to protect the scarcely existing reefs as they make up only one percent of the world’s oceans.

Sunbeam Monster Fish

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imagesGL105NF8 imagesHAZGCKJCThere is a monster fish in Sunbeam Lake.  When I paddle my kayak through the lake this huge fish jumps out of the water right next to me.  It must be an old carp but it sure acts like a monster.  I would guess it at two feet long and around twenty five pounds.  I am not a fisherman but this fish is interesting.  I thought there was something wrong with this fish at first but it seems to be making it just fine.  I have seen it float on the surface and wave its fin at me.  Luke Weil has seen the monster fish and believes.

Fishy Business

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untitled (202) untitled (201)The typical pet store will have gold fish for sale.  Gold fish are the most common fish for aquariums as they are hearty and can live in most environments.  As they are easy to keep alive most people begin their fish experience with them.  How many gold fish get flushed down the toilet every day?  I would have to guess it would be hundreds.  How many have you flushed in your life.  What does that men about the fish?  Are their lives so worthless that we flush them away when they perish?  I guess so. is a look at the wasted lives of the humble gold fish.

Something Fishy

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untitled (11) untitled (10) imagesXFXB3PD7I woke up this morning to a stench coming from my room mates room.  Upon investigation I discovered a filthy fish tank full of dead or dieing fish.  I imediately dispatchd the dead and dieing fish to the toilet and dump the entire tank in the dumpster.  I cant wait to see if my room mate even notices the tank missing.  He obiviously doesnt care about the poor creatures or he would have tended to their needs more.  We do have a no pet rule so I feel I am within my rights.  This is so typical of pet owners that cant even take care of themselves.  Tonye Cole can speak on my behalf.

Giant Fish

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untitled (17)I kayak in the lake near my home often and I have seen the biggest fish ever jump out next to me!  It was a bit scary but amazing at the same time.  I must have startled the fish as it jumped right out of the water and landed with a great splash.  I continued around the lake and here comes a turtle!  This was how I got hooked on kayaking.  You just don’t see these things from the bank.  I try to go a few times each week.  the exorcise is good ant the exploring is fun.  I would like to take the kayak with me but it is too large for the car rack. Dana Sibilsky is a great lake person.

Sick Fish

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untitled (2)Are your fish sick.  By the time you notice that your fish are not acting right it may be too late to save them.  Some fish problems are not preventable so it is best to do the things that we know helps.  Keeping the water clean is one of the most important things you can do for your fish.  This sounds simple but it isn’t.  Keeping the water clean with a filter is basic but what about the oxygen levels or the acidic levels?  You cant see these problems with the naked eye so how do you know when they need attention?  The best way is to change out the water frequently.  Fresh water is the answer to most water related problems.  Consolidated Credit can help you buy the right equipment.

Gold Fish Problems

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I was shopping at the store the other day and walked by the fish tanks I thought that it would be a good gift for my grandkids to take care of a fish.  Gold fish problems what .. How hard can it be to care for a fish to take care of. Gold fish are very hardy they do eat a lot if you feed them they will keep on eating.  The only way to keep a fish is clean the tank without soap remember because of the residue that is left on the tank.  Clean their bowl because the water is how they breathe and if the water gets to dirty there is less oxygen for the fish to live.  Water plants help with the bowl too. If you need a loan for that amazing aquarium see for you needs.

Fish Fun

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I enjoy fish in my home but fish in the wild is amazing. Reefs 2 Go lets you bring a piece of the outdoors inside.  I live near El Centro California and the fish here are unreal.  I can be at the lake in just a few steps from my front door.  I enjoy the lake and watching the birds feed on the fish.  Many fishermen line the shores on weekends.  Fish are good for you to eat.  The omega vitamins are good for your heart.  If you have blood pressure problems Fish should be on your menu frequently. You cant go wrong with fish .