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Stuart Lyall Travel Expert, Australian Native

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Stuart Lyall, as featured in a recent interview, discussed (at length) his thoughts on international travel, specifically his favorite locales including Singapore.

AP: There are many different Stuart Lyall’s, what makes you special?

Stuart: (Laughing) I don’t know what exactly makes me “special”, but I’m confident my mother would say “everything”.Stuart Lyall

AP: Seriously though, what makes you different that say, this track star Stuart Lyall?

Lyall: Perhaps comically, that is me! Here is a picture to prove it. Just kidding, but funny picture right? I see you’re trying to ask what sets me apart and I’m happy to answer. I love to travel. My job with Travelmarvel allows me to talk about travel, actually travel and many other things related to travel. It’s what I love and I love getting to do it!

AP: In your previous interview you talked about your favorite places to travel. Outside of Australia, what is the worst place you’ve ever been?

Lyall: Australia isn’t bad! Often, you Americans have this idea that it’s dangerous…

Stuart Lyall Shark AustraliaAP: (Interrupting) You have like a million things that can kill you in Australia, not counting people. Crocodiles, spiders, scorpions, sharks, etc. Look, I just found this picture of a shark. I’m sure it’s real…

Lyall: Totally real…can’t imagine anything else. Anyway, Australia is great. The worst place I have ever been is probably a small village outside of Jakarta, Indonesia. I don’t recall the name of the city/village but it took us about 10 hours by car to get there. There was so much traffic, an accident, and a flat tire. I don’t remember much about the visit because a two day trip ended up being about 20 hours. I remember sleeping and then leaving. I guess the village itself might not have been so bad, but my memory of getting there surely was!

AP: Anything else you want to share?

Stuart Lyall: Anytime you’re looking to visit Australia, I’ll keep you safe!

Thanks to Stuart Lyall for taking the time to answer a few questions!