Dana Sibilsky

A native of Flint, Michigan, Dr. Dana Sibilsky has several decades worth of experience practicing as a board-certified psychiatrist. Having worked in a variety of different fields of psychiatry throughout her lengthy career in medicine, Dr. Sibilsky is able to draw on both her vast educational background and her varied practical experience while treating the patients of her private practice, North Georgia Psychiatry.

Dr. Sibilsky has had a long-standing interest in the medical field, beginning with her time as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan. A biology major, Dr. Sibilsky also devoted her free time to working at the medical school, where she was able to have the unique experience of assisting in the development of the first genetic paternity tests.

Following her time at the University of Michigan, Dr. Sibilsky continued to be fascinated by the field of biology while completing a graduate degree in microbiology from Oakland University. Though she enjoyed the educational opportunities the state of Michigan had to offer, Dr. Sibilsky instead accepted an invitation to attend the medical school at American University of the Caribbean, though it was only a temporary departure from the cold winters of Michigan.

Dr. Sibilsky eventually returned to Michigan to attend Wayne State University while opting to pursue a career in psychiatry. Once she graduated from Wayne State, Dr. Sibilsky went into private practice for the first time, but found that, at the time, emergency psychiatry was a more rewarding endeavor. She stayed in emergency psychiatry for four years but was persuaded to accept a position as a medical director in Georgia that allowed her to be closer to her sister and her nieces in Atlanta.

Ultimately, Dr. Sibilsky felt a desire to return to private practice. Through North Georgia Psychiatry, Dr. Sibilsky is able to offer her unique professional background to patients in need of psychiatric assistance. Noted for her ability to address her patients’ needs both confidently and compassionately, Dr. Sibilsky is a devoted medical professional who has spent many years serving patients with a variety of medical issues.

Though Dr. Sibilsky is known as a competent medical professional, she also possesses a number of hidden talents. She is a certified scuba diver and has completed many of the steps to earning a pilot’s license, but perhaps her most interesting talent is in Krav Maga, a pursuit in which she has tested at the advanced level.

Update: Dana Sibilsky has published a new book! Check out the book on Amazon or her review on her website.

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  7. Phyllis M

    This is truly inspirational. I’m going to link this in my social media and see what my friends think of it! Well done Dana!

  8. ThatOneGuyJack

    Thank you Dana. You just inspired me to keep going with my schooling. I thought I was going nowhere.

  9. Jim Taylor

    Don’t ever be discouraged. I know it’s easier said than done. As you can see, hard work and dedication really does pay off.

  10. Cindy Cradford

    I think you might have been in my graduating class! Did you attend the University of Michigan from 1970-1975? I could swear I remember your name!

    1. Andrea Robinson

      I think it’s just the tentacles that sting, but I’ve gotta admit my eyes jumped out of my sockets, too, when I saw this photo. That close up? With bare hands and sea currents moving the tentacles around? Takes self-assurance, that’s for sure! 🙂

  11. Carl Cammer

    The ocean is almost like a whole new world. I say that because of the picture featured. As for the information, I’m impressed with you like many of your new fans!

  12. Jenae Sullivan

    I really wish I had the determination and drive you have to reach for the stars. How do you do it?

  13. Megan Toosil

    Wow! And again WOW! How did you manage to graduate from those schools? They are so difficult. You have to be an extremely smart woman. Kudos to you!

  14. Tom

    I’ve met with Dr. Sibilsky before and she really is a pleasure to work with. Thank you ma’am for a job well done.

  15. Susan P Anthony

    I remember going to Wayne University. It is a fine school. I graduated in 1980 and it’s been a journey ever since! Congratulations Dana Sibilsky!

  16. educator@edu

    I may have to snag this article. It’s a wonderful success story. I’d like to share it with my pupils.

  17. Caitlin

    Dana Sibilsky sounds like an amazing individual! Not only is her education and medical experience impressive, I think it’s awesome that she is also working on getting her pilot’s license. She is an inspiration!

  18. Pailey Wright

    I don’t think my comment got published. I’ll try again. Great job with all your success Dana. I’m inspired.

    1. Dana

      It’s biology, micro biology, human genetics, and then medical school. Psychiatry is just a specialty of medicine dealing with the brain. The brain is an organ like every other organ of the body, except it controls all of them.

  19. Silentmoonlight3443

    I’ve never heard of the American University of the Caribbean. I didn’t even know the Caribbean had schools! I’m so sheltered I guess.

  20. Andrea Robinson

    I love the interaction between you two main points of interest: biology and psychiatry. We live in a fascinating world and I’m sure that you’ve gained many insights working in such diverse, yet interrelated, fields. It’s also true that the healer has to heal herself, so it’s awesome to know that you’ve got plenty of interests and hobbies and truly model for your patients what a whole person is.


  21. LilyJane

    Fantastic, she really is a woman of many talents this Dana Sibilsky. Sounds like she has had a very interesting life, and it just keeps getting better ! 🙂

  22. ItsCarly

    This post is such a wonderful collection of works and not to forget to mention that it is so nicely written! Good punctuation and no misspellings!

  23. Ansleigh May Singleton

    From the quality of this article written, I can honestly say that this was written about an highly intelligent person about a highly intelligent person. I thought graduating from Harvard made me so cool until I read this. You sure have humbled me and put me in my place Dana Sibilsky.

  24. Jenae Sullivan

    Hi! It’s me again. I passed along this article to a friend of mine struggling with motivation. If Dana Sibilsky can do it, I know he can. Just thought I’d let you know I shared this.

  25. Quanesha Battle

    My friends took me deepsea diving and I said never again! LOL! I just spent $200 on my hair at the salon!

  26. Jeff

    She is psychiatrist, certified scuba diver, a pilot and many more! How can a person manage to able all the things in life. She is genius and multi-talented. I motivated after reading about Dana. Surely going to share this article with my friends.

  27. Heather Smith

    Wow! Dr. Sibilsky sounds like an amazing person. This makes me proud to be a Michigander. Also, Krav Maga? Really? What else is she capable of?

  28. Criag Adams

    When I was in the military, there was an exercise we had to do that involved diving underwater. This brings back memories.

  29. Lilly McMakin

    Dana Sibilsky can do so many things. At what point will she decide that she has reached her goals?

  30. Jay Cross

    I wanted to go into the medical field just like Dana Sibilsky did. I suppose I just didnt have what it took.

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