Devoted Ichthyologist Michele Frazier Studies in Depth How Schools of Fish Communicate

Michele Frazier studying schools of fishAs we study fish and the lifestyle fish have, we begin to understand more closely that fish work together in the same ways that people do. It’s truly fascinating to watch a school of fish defend from the attacks of a predator. When a school of fish spots a predator, the entire school, sometimes consisting of 500 or more fish, react simultaneously by either sticking closer together to appear as a larger animal or by changing up their swimming pattern and allowing their colors to confuse the threat.

Michele Frazier, an ichthyologist who has been studying fish and their behavior, believes that fish could be something we could all learn from to strengthen our own communities in a world of chaos. “If you look at how a school of fish moves together you have to ask yourself, ‘how did they know to do that?’ Is it instinct? Is there communication between them? How would they communicate so quickly to so many other fish?” says Michele Frazier. “I believe learning this would open up many new methods and even technology to communicate with entire communities.”

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