Many Fish Are at Risk Due to Human Impact, Including Climate Change and Poaching


Arctic Cod

It is not any big secret that humans have had a major impact on ecosystems all over the world. Two activities in particular are poised to have a damaging effect on a number of different types of fish and may ultimately lead to extinction. Due to climate change and poaching, both the Arctic cod and the Atlantic sturgeon may be at risk of disappearing altogether if changes are not made quickly.

The Arctic cod is dependent on the cold temperatures of the northern Alaskan waters, and the range that they can tolerate is shockingly small. These fish typically thrive in conditions in which the water is a relatively constant 0 degrees Celsius, but they do not survive well if the temperature goes up by a mere 2.5 degrees.


Atlantic Sturgeon

This could have disastrous consequences, as there is a great deal of marine life that depend on the fat-dense Arctic cod for sustenance. The loss of the Arctic cod could also lead to the widespread expansion of the saffron cod, a species of fish that has already begun to migrate to the Arctic waters.

As for the Atlantic sturgeon, poachers have become quite bold in fishing the endangered species for nothing more than a meal. It seems that these poachers are proud to boast of eating a fish that is so rare that it is endangered, and the disgust over these poachers’ actions has been widespread.

As recent Occidental Vacation Club reviews pointed out, educational activities are the key to conservation. Many vacationers have returned from their tropical destinations with a renewed dedication to conserving the beautiful wildlife they encountered. This was especially true of those who went snorkeling in the beautiful reefs just off the sandy shores of Aruba.

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