Not All Fish Sites Have What You Want, Here’s One That Will

From my experience with fish and shopping online at various website stores, most sites specialize in one thing whether it be coral, fish, various tanks and so on. It’s not often you find a site that has a little bit of everything and when you do happen to stumble upon such a site that might have more than one option, it’s terribly organized in my opinion.

There has been one exception to this and when searching for anemone I couldn’t find anywhere because apparently anemone isn’t something everyone is looking for. A friend of mine introduced me to a plentiful collection of anemone online at Reefs2Go and needless to say my needs were met.

Once I got to the site I was like a kid in a candy store since I am a collector of all things under the deep blue. The site was so easy to navigate and upon clicking on a one of the many organized categories I was brought to a multitude of options. Perfect, this site is any collectors dream.

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