Ralph Slaske Breaks Down Einstein’s Quote

Fish come in many shapes and sizes with absolutely outstanding abilities. Take the tiger fish for example which has the ability to snatch birds straight out of the air! The black swallower fish is able to swallow live fish that are twice their own length with the help of their jaw mechanics and a unique designed stomach.

Ralph Slaske has been intrigued by these amazing creatures of the deep and has done research on their abilities and lifestyle patterns since 1994. “Einstein’s quote of ‘if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will think it’s stupid’ suddenly makes sense to me,” said fish wanderer Slaske. “The Mudskipper fish is the only fish that can climb trees. He was saying not to compare people to others.”

As for new findings, Mr. Slaske hasn’t discovered anything new about fish that we don’t already know, but the simple leisure activity of watching, studying and experimenting with different fish and their skills brings joy to curious enthusiast.

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