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Fishy Business

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untitled (202) untitled (201)The typical pet store will have gold fish for sale.  Gold fish are the most common fish for aquariums as they are hearty and can live in most environments.  As they are easy to keep alive most people begin their fish experience with them.  How many gold fish get flushed down the toilet every day?  I would have to guess it would be hundreds.  How many have you flushed in your life.  What does that men about the fish?  Are their lives so worthless that we flush them away when they perish?  I guess so.  http://www.amazon.com/Ken-Fisher/e/B000APA1OK is a look at the wasted lives of the humble gold fish.

Always Conduct Due Diligence Before Adding a Fish to Your Tank

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It is easy for fish tank enthusiasts to act impulsively during trips to the local pet store. After all, there are always plenty of available options and it is not uncommon for a new fish to quickly catch a tank enthusiast’s eye. There are, of course, several drawbacks to acting impulsively, and new additions to the tank should always be carefully considered well in advance.

Adam Kutner, a longtime fish tank enthusiast who has seen this mistake made all too often, notes that there can be many disastrous consequences to impulsively adding a fish to an existing tank. How the fish will interact with other inhabitants of the tank is an important consideration, so tank enthusiasts should do their homework so they understand the temperament of the fish they are adding and what dangers they may present to an existing community.

Considering how expensive many of the fish that populate tanks can be, it is incredibly wasteful to buy a fish that is going to cause harm to others already in the tank or that will be harmed once it is added to the tank. This is not only a waste of money, but it is also incredibly unfair to the fish involved. If a tank enthusiast is going to buy a fish impulsively, they might as well buy the fish that are available at the annual Mullet Toss, which is, of course, both a waste of money and an event that is so obviously unfair to the fish.

Fish Gold

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Who would have thought that fish would become a household pet and be sold everywhere.  If you are a fish lover you are in need of Adam Kutner.  Adam can sort out even the worst fish problems.  If your fish are not producing gold for you then look here for help. Fish can be an expensive hobby so don’t get too attached to your pets.  The fish bowl can be a good place to start the inspection for problem.  If the bowl is cloudy or smelly there is a problem.  Stay on top of the problem if you need fish to thrive.

Not All Fish Sites Have What You Want, Here’s One That Will

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From my experience with fish and shopping online at various website stores, most sites specialize in one thing whether it be coral, fish, various tanks and so on. It’s not often you find a site that has a little bit of everything and when you do happen to stumble upon such a site that might have more than one option, it’s terribly organized in my opinion.

There has been one exception to this and when searching for anemone I couldn’t find anywhere because apparently anemone isn’t something everyone is looking for. A friend of mine introduced me to a plentiful collection of anemone online at Reefs2Go and needless to say my needs were met.

Once I got to the site I was like a kid in a candy store since I am a collector of all things under the deep blue. The site was so easy to navigate and upon clicking on a one of the many organized categories I was brought to a multitude of options. Perfect, this site is any collectors dream.